4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Electric Motor

Electric motors are some of the most expensive assets industrial companies have. They also need to keep running to keep production rolling along, so unplanned work stoppages must be avoided if at all possible. Following these four tips are simple ways to extend your electric motor’s life and avoid expensive repairs.

1 – Inspect the Motor Frequently

A quick visual inspection can reveal some essential details about the electric motor. Are there any signs of excess dirt or corrosion on any of the components? Look at the relays and contacts to make sure that they are dirt and rust-free. Do any of the other parts show any signs of wear and tear? How do the motor windings look? What about the motor mount, rotor, stator, and belts. If any of these parts look worn, schedule them to be replaced ASAP.

Inspection of electric motor at electric motor repair shop in Atlanta, GA.

Don’t forget to rely on your other senses to inspect the motor as well. Do you smell a burnt odor? Does the motor smell hot while in operation? Is the motor abnormally loud? Do you hear any rattle or scraping sounds? This might be an indication of a vibration problem that may need an ultrasonic vibration analysis. Is there an abnormal amount of heat radiating from the motor? This might be a sign that you need an infrared thermographic study to track down the problem. Using all of your senses when looking at the motor can be your best tool for predicting future issues.

2 – Keep Meticulous Records for the Electric Motor

One task that is often overlooked that is directly responsible for extending your electric motor’s life is keeping detailed records for the motor. Use in-depth documentation to record preventive maintenance tasks, tests performed (and the results of them), repairs made on the motor, and any parts that have been replaced or need replacing. These records will always provide a current snapshot of your electric motor’s performance and provide essential data for inspections and audits.

3 – Wipe Away Dust, Oil, and Dirt Around the Fan Case and Other Openings

Keeping a free airflow through the fan case’s vents is essential to prevent the electric motor from overheating. Wipe away any deposits of dust, dirt, and oil that collect in and around the fan case and any other areas that might interfere with the motor’s ventilation.

4 – Inspect the Brush and Commutator

Look at the brush for signs of wear and tear. If it looks worn, it needs to be changed. Also, inspect the commutator for dents, grooves, or scratches on it.

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