8 Reasons Electric Motors Are Superior to Internal Combustion Engines

Electric motors have been around for over 170 years, but they have not made a significant dent in the demand for the internal combustion engine (ICE) market. That is until now. Here are eight reasons why electric motors are superior to internal combustion engines.

1 – Electric Motors Are Simpler

Electric motors do not have as many moving parts as an ICE motor. Because combustion is far more complicated than the processes that make an electric motor work, ICE motors have many more working parts to get it and keep it running.

2 – Electric Motors Generate Less Excess Heat

Internal combustion motors generate a lot of heat because it creates tiny explosions to convert the fuel to mechanical energy. Because electric motors do not require high heat and pressure to generate power, they give off a lot less heat.

Electric motors at an electric motor repair shop in Atlanta, GA

3 – Electric Motors Are Less Prone to Mechanical Failure

Because of the numerous working parts needed to support combustion and the additional accessories to manage excess heat, there are many more points of failure on an ICE motor than an electric motor.

4 – Electric Motors Require Less Maintenance

Again, because electric motors have fewer parts, they don’t require as much preventive maintenance as ICE motors. In addition, the parts in an electric motor are not under the same extreme stresses of high temperatures and pressures as ICE motors, so they are subject to less wear and tear.

5 – Electric Motors Are Better for the Environment

Burning fossil fuels in internal combustion engines is dirtier and far more damaging to the environment than the components that drive electric motors. Electric motors also last a lot longer than ICE motors.

6 – Electric Motors Are More Compact and Weigh Less

Because of all the working parts essential for ICE motors, they take up a lot more space and weigh a lot more than an electric motor with similar or greater energy output.

7 – Electric Motors Cost Less to Operate

Electric motors cost a little under half (on average) to operate than an ICE motor of equivalent or less power.

8 – Electric Motors Are Far More Efficient

And finally, ICE motors convert less than 40 percent of electricity into mechanical energy, whereas electric motors convert over 85% of electricity into mechanical energy.

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