Common Causes of Balancing Issues – Requiring Dynamic Balancing

When electrical motors are out of balance, bad things happen. Unbalance happens when the rotor mass is not at the center of rotation, and this can lead to problems such as inefficient operation, unplanned downtime, and equipment breakdown. But what are some of the factors that cause balancing issues?

Infrared thermographic study of an electric motor that needs dynamic balancing services

Wear & Tear

Daily operation, especially for electric motors with a lot of use, leads to wear and tear. And wear is never neat and even. It always is rough and uneven, which leads to imbalance.

Corrosion & Dirt Build Up

If a component attached to the electric motor gets corroded or has dirt, grease, rust, or other deposits, it can cause unbalance. It can be a fan, a belt, or other moving parts that are near the electric motor.

Bent or Broken Components

Broken or bent components can easily cause motor imbalance. If a cooling fan has a broken fan blade, it may cause imbalance. Bent or broken shafts definitely cause imbalance. An inspection of all of the working components surrounding the motor is essential in figuring out the cause of a balance issue.

Belt Problems

Belt slippages, wear, damage and belts that are too tight or too loose can cause alignment issues.

Factory or Installation Errors

To error is human, and sometimes people make mistakes. They may install the wrong part for the motor or install it backward or upside-down. Periodically a screw isn’t tightened down all the way, and it gets loose after the electric motor has been in operation a while. Any of these things can cause unbalance in an electric motor.

Issues That Cannot Be Solved by Dynamic Balancing Services

Although dynamic balancing services can help squeeze extra efficiency out of and prolong your electric motor’s life, there are some problems that dynamic balancing cannot fix and must be addressed before using balancing services.

  • Bad Bearings – If you have bad bearings, then no amount of balancing will help the motor.
  • Misalignment – If the motor is misaligned to begin with, the problem causing the misalignment must be addressed before balancing the motor.

Tekwell Services Provides Dynamic Balancing Services

Dynamic balancing services have many benefits, and Tekwell Services provides them. We can perform a motor vibration analysis or an infrared thermographic study to locate and identify the issue and make the necessary motor repair. Once that is through, we can rebalance your electric motor.  To get the details, give us a call (toll-free) at 1-888-984-4668 or fill out our quick solution form today.