What are the Most Common Parts that Need Replacing on Industrial Pump Motors?

Knowing the common parts that need replacing on industrial electric pump motors will save you time and money. The more you know about what parts wear out over time, the better you can plan when you need to replace them. Parts used most often will wear out faster than less-used parts. Knowing which parts frequently need replacement will also help you plan for future costs.

Industrial pump motors most common parts

Common Parts of Industrial Pump Motors that Need Replacing

1. Belt

Your industrial pump motor may last a long time, but it contains a network of several parts that are likely to wear out over time. One of the most critical parts of pump motors is the belt. The belt carries a high level of stress. The number of times the belt turns determines how hard it works and the amount of pressure it will endure.

When you start replacing the belt on your equipment, use proper tools for an industrial pump repair. The wrong tools can cause damage to the belt, which can cause problems when you are trying to replace it.

2. Impeller

The impeller is one of the essential parts of an electric pump motor. The impeller is what makes the flow of water/fluid to the pump work. Changing the impeller will affect how fast or slow the pump can go and how much pressure it can put out. With industrial pumps, you need to replace the impeller every 3-5 years.

3. Other Parts

There are certain parts of your electric pump motor that you need to replace regularly. For example, check the seal on your bearings and replace them when they get worn down.

You should also pay attention to the housing and casing of the pump motor. The housing will need replacing when it’s dirty or damaged, and the casing will need replacement if it becomes deformed from water pressure or other stressors.

How Parts Wear

Common parts of an industrial pump motor that can wear out in just a few years include the heating element, rotor, stator, controller, valves, oil, and the shaft.

The pump motor parts wear out over time. They produce less torque and eventually stop working. Parts will sometimes wear out due to erosion of the pump’s mechanism, leading to an increase in leakage, cavitation, and a decrease in head pressure.

There are four main reasons for industrial pump parts wearing out:

  • Corrosion: It’s the loss of metal caused by chemical reaction with its environments like water or air.
  • Wear: It’s a gradual process where the surface of a material wears away because of friction or contact with another material.
  • Fatigue: It’s a breakdown in a material that occurs when repeatedly put under stress beyond what it can withstand, causing it to break or deform.
  • Thermal Shock

Common Parts to Replace

The common parts of a pump motor to replace on an industrial pump can vary depending on the type of unit and the age. For example, small electric motors typically use brushes and have capacitors as their significant parts.

It varies on the amount of time needed to replace parts on an industrial pump motor. The difference can include the number of hours you use the pump in a year. Keeping up with a maintenance schedule can reduce the number of parts you need to replace your industrial pump motor.

Industrial Pump Motor Repair

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