The Benefits of Testing an Industrial Pump Repair with a Closed Loop Test Tank

The success of repairing industrial pumps offsite is sometimes a guessing game. There rarely is a way to test the effectiveness of your pump repair other than by installing it back into the system. If the pump isn’t fixed right the first time, you now have a bigger problem on your hands. So how do you make sure that an industrial submersible pump repair is done right? Tekwell Services has a solution.

What is a Closed-Loop Water Tank?

A closed-loop water tank is a huge water tank that is 6’ by 6’ by 8’ and holds over 2000 gallons that Tekwell’s engineers constructed to measure an industrial pump’s flow efficiency and test it for leaks before reinstalling the pump at the worksite.

Pump in need of an industrial pump repair in Atlanta, GA

This tank uses a ball valve to regulate flow pressure over a load curve that measures the pump’s flow efficiency to confirm that it is working properly and moving the water at the proper rate. This is a unique pump testing method only available at Tekwell Services in the East Tennessee area.

Reduces Rework

Nothing is more frustrating than when you have to uninstall your pump, take it to an industrial repair shop, have them work on it, and return it to you only to discover that the repair didn’t resolve the problem at all. Some repairs may require a bit of trial and error to get them fixed right, and testing them on your production line is no way to run a business. Using a closed-loop water tank takes the guesswork out of the repair process. Either it is fixed. Or it isn’t. If the technicians don’t like the repaired pump’s performance, they can tweak things and test it again in the tank until the pump’s performance meets your high standards.

Saves Time

Industrial pump repairs take time. Many issues cannot be resolved onsite and need to be brought to the shop for an industrial pump repair. But one of the problems about bringing in a pump into most industrial pump repair shops is that there is no easy way to test it after the repair has been completed. You also have fewer options to test the performance of the pump during the repair process. Being able to test the pump under simulated working conditions in the closed-loop water tank definitely saves time during both the diagnosis and repair processes.

Reduces Downtime

The biggest headache when you need an industrial pump repair is downtime, especially if you don’t have an adequate backup system online. In these situations, you need to get back online as fast as possible. And getting a pump back that has not been repaired properly or is not working at 100% compounds the downtime situation. Especially if you have to pull the pump out of circulation again for rework. A closed-loop test tank-tested pump can provide confidence that the repair has been completed and done right the first time.

Tekwell Services Provides Comprehensive Industrial Pump Repair Services

Tekwell Services repairs and services most types of industrial pumps for a wide variety of industries including water/wastewater, oil, chemical, as well as the food and beverage industry (just to name a few). For more information about the industrial pump repair services we offer, give us a call (toll-free) at 1-888-984-4668 or fill out our quick solution form today.