Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Tekwell’s ultrasonic cleaning unit allows large parts to be completely submerged in a tank of cleaning solution, which is then bombarded by high-frequency sound waves (up to 40,000 pulses per second). These intense sound waves create vibrations and bubbles that strip away dirt, grease, oil, old paint, carbon deposits, and many other contaminants from parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning services unit in action

This cleaning method, especially for parts with complex shapes and crevices, is faster, more energy-efficient, and less destructive than other cleaning methods. Other cleaning methods may use pumps, sprayers, and agitators that consume a lot of water and energy and take longer to complete.

Ultrasonic cleaning works well on parts such as

  • Armatures
  • Commutators
  • Wound rotors
  • Stators
  • Induction rotors
  • Clutch and brake coils
  • Field frames
  • Synchronous coils
  • Motor windings
  • Many others

Ultrasonic cleaner for parts and motor rewinding service

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

  • Significantly reduces the cleaning time of parts
  • Improves the overall quality of the parts cleaning
  • Uses a lot less power than other cleaning methods such as high-pressure washers and scrubbers
  • Cleans in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • Reduces wear and tear on parts when compared to parts cleaned using other aggressive methods such as scrubbing or pressure washing

Closed ultrasonic cleaner for electric motor repair

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Specifications

Our Stoelting ultrasonic cleaner can clean parts up to 115″ long, 42″ wide, and 30″ deep and weigh up to 5 tons.

It also features:

  • A generator/control enclosure
  • Pump recirculation system
  • Chiller

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Once we have the part(s) to be cleaned, we mix in a special detergent–typically, this is the Metal Medic 7565AR detergent–with 140° F water in the ultrasonic cleaning unit. Then we lower the parts into the unit and start the cleaning cycle. Each cleaning cycle lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and large-diameter parts will be rotated and run through multiple cycles so that all sides of the part are thoroughly cleaned.

Tekwell Services – Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Find out for yourself why so many industry experts agree that ultrasonic cleaning for parts is superior to other methods in the marketplace today. Give us a call at 1-888-984-4668 or fill out our quick solution form to speak to one of our technicians today.

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