What Are Some of the Parts That May Need Replacing on Industrial Pumps?

Even though the heart of an industrial pump is the industrial pump’s electric motor, the motor is rarely the first thing that goes wrong with an industrial pump. Here are a few of the problem parts you may encounter when servicing or maintaining an industrial pump.


Many times if the pump leaks, it has something to do with one of the many seals commonly used in the operation of a pump. These seals are strong and durable, but even the most durable parts sometimes wear out. Here are a few of the seals used in industrial pumps:

  • O-Ring Seals– These seals plug the gap between two surfaces so that no liquid or gas can pass through it. The O-ring seal changes shape when it is under pressure. This makes it the perfect seal when dealing with low or high pressure situations, and fit into round shafts.
  • Oil Seals– Constructed of oil and grease resistance rubber prevent the leakage into or out of a chamber, or to prevent dirt or other contaminants from penetrating an area.
  • Mechanical Seals– These seals are commonly used on pump shafts where the input shafts have to leave the pressure chamber. These seals work by holding together two smooth surfaces with springs or pump pressure.

Replacement parts for industrial pump repair in Atlanta, GA.


The impeller is a propeller-like device that pushes the liquid forward to keep it flowing. This is one of the most critical parts of an industrial pump because it converts energy from the motor into force to move the fluid within the pump. The amount of fluid and how fast the impeller moves it depend on the size and design of the impeller. Impellers are fabricated from a variety of materials. Because they are used in so many different–and sometimes corrosive-environments, you must select the impeller material carefully.

Probes and Sensors

These devices measure several qualities of the pump’s operation, including liquid level, pressure, and temperature, fed to the pump controller or computer managing the system. These sensors periodically burn out and need to be replaced.

Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes are part of the pump’s electric motor that transfers electricity from the rotating commutator sections connected to the motor shaft, which then passes the charge to the stationary parts. Carbon brushes, with time, wear away under the constant brushing during the pump motor’s operation.

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