What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying an Industrial Electric Motor?

Purchasing a new industrial electric motor is a huge investment for a company. For this reason, it is critical to consider all of the factors that will impact this big decision so that you purchase the right electric motor.

The Specific Tasks You Need It to Perform

Very simply, what do you expect this electric motor to do? Is it going to be running a series of industrial fans constantly? Will it be pumping water at various intervals depending on different demands at different times? Or will the electric motor be tasked with performing a specific industrial process from time to time and then shut down and not needed until that industrial process needs to run again? Know exactly what you need this motor to do before shopping around for the best one for the operation.

Replacement electric motors for sale at an electric motor repair shop in Atlanta, GA

AC Electric Motor or DC Electric Motor

Each type of motor has several advantages and disadvantages, as noted in our blog post: AC vs. DC Electric Motors – Which Ones Are Best. And you should have a good idea of which one would work better based on the specific tasks you need it to run.

Energy Efficiency

Several recent studies suggest that industrial electric motor operation represents over one-third of a company’s overall energy costs. Therefore, it is essential to select the correct type of motor designed to work best with the operations. For example, DC motors tend to be more energy efficient because permanent magnets are far more efficient than electromagnets. But they cost a lot more than an AC electric motor.

Space Available

Sometimes you have limited space available on your production floor. So the size of the electric motor may be determined by the mounting space open there.

Cost and Need for Maintenance

One of the primary considerations when selecting an electric motor is the lifetime cost of ownership of that motor. One of the critical contributors to this cost is the motor’s maintenance needs and cost. Most AC motors have less need for regular maintenance and don’t have many parts that wear out regularly. On the other hand, DC motors are typically installed in situations where they need to be constantly “on,” so the cost of taking them out of service must be factored into any routine maintenance needs.

Allow Tekwell Services to Help You Select the Best Electric Motor for Your Company

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