Electric Motor Rewinding Services

Our electric motor rewinding shop can handle rewinding jobs from fractional to 5000 HP, using computer controlled precision coil manufacturing to assure an efficient electric motor rewind that conforms to UL certified repair system standards. Our shop includes:

  • Burnout oven with precision controls that can ensure that the stator temperature never exceeds 700°F
  • Core testing
  • VPI – Vacuum Pressure Impregnation 100% epoxy resin
  • Surge and Hipot testing

This state-of-the-art technology paired with our experienced service technicians is a winning combination.
Electric Motor Rewinding Services

Benefits of Electric Motor Rewinding Services

  • Typically costs less than replacing an existing electric motor
  • Improves electric motor reliability
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Faster turnaround to rewind than replace an electric motor in some cases

Need Motor Rewinding Service?

Complete our simple, online Pump and Electric Motor Repair Form, call us at 800-829-7454, or email us at info@tekwellservices.com. Make your electric motors work like new by using Tekwell’s motor rewinding service today!

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    We have a comprehensive inventory of NEMA Premium Efficient motors from 1HP to 400HP.