What Is Motor Gearbox Alignment and Why Is It Important?

Proper alignment is essential to keep industrial gearboxes functioning at peak levels of efficiency. Gearbox alignment refers to positioning as it relates to the asset's drive unit. Correct positioning is essential to ensure that input and output shafts are aligned correctly. Our team at Tekwell Services is the leading service provider for motor and gearbox alignment in Atlanta. We want to provide you with some critical information about the necessity of gearbox alignment. Continue reading to find out more about this topic. The 3 Motor Misalignment Types There are three types of motor

How Electric Equipment Lifecycle Tracking Helps Improve Efficiency

Today's industrial operations rely on their equipment, machinery, and other vital assets to make their businesses run. There are many types of equipment that are required to keep plants and factories running at peak efficiency. When these pieces of equipment fail, it can lead to a dramatic reduction in production, leading to reduced profits. As the leading electric motor repair shop in Atlanta, our team at Tekwell Services is here to help industrial business operators with services that ensure that their equipment is functioning at its best. What Does Equipment Lifecycle Mean? The ter

Is Your Electric Motor Making Strange Noises? See These Possible Causes

You rely on your electric motor to help keep your industrial plant running at peak efficiency and profitability. When it is not working at its best, it can cause a dramatic reduction in productivity. One of the tell-tale signs of an issue with your electric motor is if you notice strange noises that are not normal when it is running. Three factors are the most likely causes of strange noises from an electric motor. They include: Mechanical noise Windage noise Magnetic noise If you notice these strange noises coming from your electric motor, it is time to get professional electric

Key Ways a Crane Inspection Can Save Your Business Money

Cranes are one of the most critical equipment pieces used on today's industrial sites and construction sites. They are crucial to lifting large, heavy objects. Though cranes are an essential piece of equipment, they can also be dangerous if they are not operated correctly or working properly. These are all key factors why it is important to stay up-to-date on overhead crane inspection. Doing so can end up saving your business a lot of money in the long run. What Is Meant By Crane Inspection and Why Is It Important to Get One? A crane inspection is a process designed to ensure that this v

5 Things You Need to Know About the Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure

Industrial motors are essential pieces of equipment for today's professionals who work in maintenance and plant operations. When these electric motors go down, it can cause many issues that lead to a loss in productivity. Here at Tekwell Services, we are the leader in industrial motor service in Knoxville. In this article, our team offers you some insights into the common causes of electric motor failure to assist you in preventing this issue. These are five things you need to know about the common electric motor failure causes. The Status of the Average Electric Motor in the United St

Put Your Electric Motors to the Test with Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis for electric motors is a technique used by engineers to detect the presence of potential problems with an electric motor. This technique can help them detect problems before they lead to complete breakdowns. Vibration analysis for electric motors is a powerful tool that can be used to save time and money on repairs. It’s a way of monitoring the condition of your motor on a regular basis, which can lead to timely maintenance and repair when necessary. At Tekwell Services, we are the industry leader in motor vibration analysis in Knoxville. The following is the latest inf

How Does an Ultrasonic Cleaner Work?

Ultrasonic cleaners have been around since the 1950s, and smaller versions have appeared in home appliances since 1970, but how does an industrial ultrasonic cleaner work?   All types of ultrasonic cleaners use cavitation bubbles—bubbles created by rapid changes of pressure in a liquid–to clean parts with lots of crevices and complex shapes within them. Why Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Popular Ultrasonic cleaners are popular for a couple of reasons: They are less destructive than other methods for cleaning electric motor parts. Pumps, sprayers, and agitators may be damagin

7 Often Overlooked Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a New Electric Motor

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a new electric motor. Typically, you look at things such as voltage, speed, torque, and operating costs, but what are some of the lesser-known factors to take into consideration before purchasing a new electric motor? 1 – Power Needed One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of power needed to run the applications this motor has been selected for. Get a motor that is too small, it gets overworked and the stress this creates decreases the motor lifespan overall. On the flip-side, if you buy a motor that is much too big

Why You Should Work with an EASA Accredited Electric Motor Repair Shop

There are a lot of electric motor repair shops in any given area within the United States, but what do you look for to determine if that shop does quality work? An electric motor repair shop with EASA accreditation is a great place to start. What is EASA? EASA stands for Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. According to the EASA website, EASA is: “an international trade organization of more than 1,800 electromechanical sales and service firms in nearly 70 countries. Through our many engineering and educational programs, EASA provides members with a means of keeping up to date

Tekwell Services Invests in New Industrial Electric Motor Service Equipment

Tekwell Services stays on the cutting edge of providing best-in-class service for industrial electric motors and pumps. To this end, we have invested in new testing equipment to better serve our customers. We now offer additional electric motor service options through the purchase of the following equipment: Roller Bearing Loading Test Device Tekwell Services, partnered with SKF, has developed a one-of-a-kind apparatus to help test roller bearings properly. Most roller bearings require a load during testing to avoid damaging the bearing when running the motor, but because there are no sim