Surge and Hipot Testing

Surge and hipot testing are additional non-destructive tests which involve applying high voltage to uncover insulation defects and weaknesses.

  • Surge tests are used to detect shorted motor conductor turns, which are typically caused by the failure of conductor insulation, or inadequate insulation on the windings.
  • Hipot tests are used to detect current leaks created by a breakdown in the insulation or material and workmanship defects in and around current-carrying conductors.

Surge and Hipot Testing

Problems/Conditions Detectable by Surge and Hipot Testing

  • Faulty insulation around conductor turns
  • Insulation breakdown due to defects, contamination or wear and tear
  • Nicked or crushed insulation
  • Inadequate clearance distance
  • Corrosion or contamination near conductors

Benefits of Surge and Hipot Testing

  • Prevents electrical shock injuries to operators
  • Reduces repair or replacement costs
  • Reduces risk of motor damage
  • Increases equipment life

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