4 Benefits of WEG Variable Speed Drives

As an authorized WEG motors distributor and WEG variable speed drive repair specialists, Tekwell Services knows a lot about the WEG variable speed drives and how installing one within your operation will benefit you. Here are some of the specific benefits that you can expect by purchasing a WEG variable speed drive:

1 – WEG Variable Speed Drives Are Versatile

WEG variable speed drives are used by many different industries such as cement production, mining, chemicals, oil and gas, sugar production, alcohol production, metal, water and wastewater, HVAC, paper and many more. WEG variable speed drives come in a variety of sizes from “micro” variable speed drives for small machines (up to 1 HP), to industrial variable speed drives handling loads up to 2500 HP.
WEG variable speed drives Atlanta, GA

They also are easy to adapt for your industry’s specific needs through numerous expansion slots that can be used to add features such as RFI filters, flash memory modules, communication modules, and more.

2 – Easy to Monitor

WEG variable speed drives can use the free SuperDrive G2 software to view, and even change, how the variable speed drives work via a personal computer included with the hardware. In addition, there are other software packages from WEG–also included with the hardware–such as the WEG Programming Suite (WPS) and the WEG Ladder Programmer (WLP) that allows you to set parameters on the devices, program and configure the drives as well as set up advanced monitoring capabilities with these applications.

3 – Saves Energy

Variable speed drives save a tremendous amount of energy by being able to optimize the amount of energy needed for the workload. For example, some functions such as using fans and pumps require variable torque, where others require a more constant torque. A traditional AC electric motor would need to run at full speed for both functions, wasting a lot of energy for variable torque tasks.

4 – Lowers Operational Costs

Reducing the amount of energy consumed by the hardware in your plant saves you money. Because variable speed drives also provide controlled acceleration and stopping of equipment, there is less wear and tear on it which reduces the maintenance costs for it, as well as prolongs the life of it.

Tekwell Services is an Authorized WEG Motors Distributor

We provide the complete line of WEG motors, including all sized of variable speed drives. We also provide preventive maintenance services and repairs for them. Give us a call at 1-800-829-7454 or fill out our simple online form on our Contact page or for more information.