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Why You Should Work with an EASA Accredited Electric Motor Repair Shop

There are a lot of electric motor repair shops in any given area within the United States, but what do you look for to determine if that shop does quality work? An electric motor repair shop with EASA accreditation is a great place to start. What is EASA? EASA stands for Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. According to the EASA website, EASA is: “an international trade organization of more than 1,800 electromechanical sales and service firms in nearly 70 countries. Through our many engineering and educational programs, EASA provides members with a means of keeping up to date

Why Your Electric Motor Repair Company Should Be Obsessed with Quality

Most businesses claim to care about quality, but what does this mean for an electric motor repair shop, and–more importantly–what does it mean to you? Saves You Money Electric motor repair shops that are dedicated to quality will save you money. These shops meticulously document their service and quality processes. They also make sure that their service technicians are properly trained and certified by taking manufacturer-specific training on the electric motors and industrial pumps they service. They also complete comprehensive certification programs such as the SKF certified motor rebu

3 Ways to Protect Bearings with Electric Motor Preventive Maintenance

Because bearings are some of the most important components within an electric motor, and a component that is at risk for failure, it is important to protect your bearings from a need for electric motor service. How do you do this? Here are three tips to consider: 1 - Maintain Optimal Loads Obviously if you run your motor bearings beyond the recommended maximum load, you will eventually damage them. Either from the heat, or the lack of proper lubrication, the bearings will break down. But bearings also need to have a minimal load as well in order to make sure that the rolling elements rotate

Overview of Bearing Types for Electric Motors

Bearings are one most important components within an electric motor. The bearing’s role is to reduce rotational friction while transferring the load from the shaft to the motor itself. As a result, the bearing needs to be able to operate at a variety of speeds without frictional loss and be relatively maintenance-free. There are several types of bearings used for electric motor service: Ball Bearing Ball bearings are the most common bearings used in the world. These are typically made from steel or a steel alloy. Some motors use ball bearings because of their versatility to handle both rad

SKF Certified Rebuilder – Press Release

Tekwell Services, a motor, pump, and gearbox repair and service operation with shops in Tennessee and Georgia, announces advanced credentials from SKF for electric motor certified rebuilding. “This designation recognizes our commitment to outstanding quality control“, says Barlow Walters, General Manager. SKF’s certification program requires qualifying companies to undergo rigorous audits which only state-of-the-art shops with a commitment to continuous improvement can pass. To comply with SKF’s exacting standards, a shop must take measures to ensure separation of clean and dirty

Embracing operational excellence in electric motor repair

At Tekwell Services we embrace operational excellence and have done so for generations. So, we were interested in reading what benefits the Houston Chronicle has listed for companies that pursue excellence in operations. In these types of work cultures, managers’ time is freed up to grow the business, because employees are empowered to become problem solvers. Because employees are solving many of the daily challenges that arise, managers can focus on continuing to improve service quality, market the business to new customers and much more. And, because the employees are closest to pro