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Put Your Electric Motors to the Test with Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis for electric motors is a technique used by engineers to detect the presence of potential problems with an electric motor. This technique can help them detect problems before they lead to complete breakdowns. Vibration analysis for electric motors is a powerful tool that can be used to save time and money on repairs. It’s a way of monitoring the condition of your motor on a regular basis, which can lead to timely maintenance and repair when necessary. At Tekwell Services, we are the industry leader in motor vibration analysis in Knoxville. The following is the latest inf

Why Should You Get a Line and Load Check?

A line and load check is an important part of any electric motor preventative or predictive maintenance program. The first thing you need to understand is what the words “line” and “load” mean to individuals working in the electrical trades. The “line” generally refers to the wires that bring power (electricity) from the source to a device. Some people also refer to the “line” as “incoming” or “upstream” as well. The “load” refers to wires that carry power to other devices along the circuit. These are also known as “outgoing” or “downstream” wires. Bo

What Types of Problems Can Be Detected Using Ultrasonic Motor Testing?

Ultrasonic motor testing (AKA - motor vibration analysis) is an excellent “nondestructive” means of finding possible problems with the operation of your electric motor before it becomes a serious problem. What is a nondestructive testing? It is a group of testing methods that evaluate the properties of a particular object without causing any damage. A lot of nondestructive tests can be performed while the unit is still in operation. What Problems Can Motor Vibration Analysis Detect? Ultrasonic testing uses a lightweight ultrasonic translator to listen for possible problems in the

What are Dynamic Field Balancing Services?

Dynamic field balancing services are an essential part of an electric motor predictive maintenance service program for rotating machinery. Keeping components of your electric motors, such as fans or pulleys, well-balanced is critical to the performance and life of that electric motor Causes of Imbalance in Electric Motors Imbalance occurs for many reasons such as wear and tear on moving parts within the electric motor or buildup of dirt or grease on a fan and is the most common cause of failure for electric motors with rotating parts or use bearings. Anytime an electric motor is out of b

What is an Electric Motor Circuit Analysis?

An electric motor circuit analysis is a series of tests that diagnoses the overall health of an electric motor. These tests determine if there are any electrical imbalances or degraded insulation within the motor. When a motor suffers from either of these issues, they can create rogue electrical currents that circulate through the motor, creating excess heat. This excess heat can damage the motor by causing the insulation to degrade faster and cause the motor to run inefficiently which shortens the motor’s lifespan and possibly becomes a safety risk. Online and Offline Electric Motor Ci

Tekwell Services Selected as First Certified SKF Motor Rebuilder to Receive Machine Inspector Training in the U.S.

Several of Tekwell Services’ technicians have recently completed SKF’s Machine Inspector Training. SKF selected Tekwell Services because the company is one of 50 SKF Certified Rebuilder service centers in the U.S., a certification met only by achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality, process, cleanliness and organization within their service center. This certification is maintained through rigorous, periodic audits of Tekwell’s facilities and procedures. The SKF Machine Inspector Certification training was an intensive three-day, hands-on program that focused on deve

What is Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance?

Everyone has heard of, and understands what electric motor preventive maintenance is, but what exactly is electric motor predictive maintenance? Electric motor predictive maintenance is when you use non-destructive tests such as infrared thermographic studies and electric motor vibration analysis to electric motors currently in service to identify possible problems so that corrections can be made before they become serious problems requiring an unplanned work interruption. Essentially electric motor predictive maintenance tries to “predict” and correct problems before they become