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What Is Motor Alignment and Why Is It Important?

Proper alignment is essential to keep motors and gearboxes functioning reliably and at peak levels of efficiency. Gearbox alignment refers to positioning as it relates to the asset's drive unit. Correct positioning is essential to ensure that input and output shafts are aligned correctly. Our team at Tekwell Services is the leading service provider for motor and gearbox alignment in Atlanta. We want to provide you with some critical information about the necessity of gearbox alignment. Continue reading to find out more about this topic. The 3 Motor Misalignment Types There are three types o

How Electric Equipment Lifecycle Tracking Helps Improve Efficiency

Today's industrial operations rely on their equipment, machinery, and other vital assets to make their businesses run. There are many types of equipment that are required to keep plants and factories running at peak efficiency. When these pieces of equipment fail, it can lead to a dramatic reduction in production, leading to reduced profits. As the leading electric motor repair shop in Atlanta, our team at Tekwell Services is here to help industrial business operators with services that ensure that their equipment is functioning at its best. What Does Equipment Lifecycle Mean? The ter

6 Components of Electric Motor Bearings

The electric motor bearing is the root of everything in an electric motor and critical to the smooth operation of it. As a result, there are many different electric motor bearing types and designs available for electric motors, depending on factors such as: Bearing Load Bearing Speed Operating Environment Mounting Arrangement But most bearing types and designs have these components: 1 – Ball The tiny chrome steel spheres that form the smallest critical part of any ball bearing. They must be perfectly spherical in shape in order to roll smoothly within the bearing

7 of the Most Common Parts That Need Repair on Industrial Electric Motors

Industrial electric motors are a huge investment (and expense) for an industrial business. Replacing these motors is rarely a good option for these businesses, so the best way of taking care of them is through replacing parts and preventing problems before they even occur. Here are some of the most common parts that are repaired or replaced on industrial electric motors. 1 – Motor Windings Motor windings are wires that are shaped into coils that are inserted into the motor stator. Because of the nature of running electrical motors in heavy industrial environments, the windings are often su

Best Practices for Using Grease for Bearing Lubrication

The best way to reduce your need for electric motor service is to protect the bearings of your electric motors, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that the bearings for that motor are always adequately lubricated. Most electric motor bearings use grease for lubrication (although some use lubricating oil). But there are a few things you need to know about using grease for the bearing lubrication process. Use the Correct Grease When it comes to using grease for lubrication, one size does not fit all. Always use the grease recommended by the manufacturer of the electric moto

7 Factors That Impact Bearing Lubrication Effectiveness in Electric Motors

According to a study performed by the Noria Corporation, the number one root cause of electric motor failure is bearings. At 51% this cause of failure far exceeds the number two reasons–windings and external sources– both at 16% each. And the best way to protect your bearings from wear and tear is to have a regular bearing lubrication schedule in place as part of your electric motor preventive maintenance program. Although your electric motor manufacturer’s recommendations should always be the final word on how often you need to apply lubrication to your motor bearings, there are

5 Electric Motor Preventive Maintenance Services You Should Perform Annually

Everyone knows that performing preventive maintenance on your electric motors is critical to make sure that they continue to run smoothly and reduce the number and frequency of unplanned work stoppages due to equipment failure. But what sort of services should you perform each year? Physical Inspection A lot can be discovered by being physically near an electric motor. Information such as: Conditions of the operating area near the motor–Is it dirty? Damp? Very dry? The conditions in the workspace might indicate possible problems with the motor working within it. Visual inspection o

Why Should You Get a Line and Load Check?

A line and load check is an important part of any electric motor preventative or predictive maintenance program. The first thing you need to understand is what the words “line” and “load” mean to individuals working in the electrical trades. The “line” generally refers to the wires that bring power (electricity) from the source to a device. Some people also refer to the “line” as “incoming” or “upstream” as well. The “load” refers to wires that carry power to other devices along the circuit. These are also known as “outgoing” or “downstream” wires. Bo

What Types of Problems Can Be Detected Using Ultrasonic Motor Testing?

Ultrasonic motor testing (AKA - motor vibration analysis) is an excellent “nondestructive” means of finding possible problems with the operation of your electric motor before it becomes a serious problem. What is a nondestructive testing? It is a group of testing methods that evaluate the properties of a particular object without causing any damage. A lot of nondestructive tests can be performed while the unit is still in operation. What Problems Can Motor Vibration Analysis Detect? Ultrasonic testing uses a lightweight ultrasonic translator to listen for possible problems in the

What is an Electric Motor Power Quality Study?

In the past, if you needed to evaluate the performance of your electric motor you needed to take it offline, where you could test the motor in a motor test bed. The problem with this method of electric motor testing is that it was not an accurate reflection of the motor’s performance in the facility where it operated. A motor test bed tests the electric motor by simulating the best possible conditions. Why Is an Electric Motor Power Quality Study Important? Electric motors are staples in industrial companies all over the world, and some studies have shown that they can consume up to 70