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Pros and Cons of Vertical Pump Motors

Horizontal and vertical pump motors essentially serve the same function, moving fluids from one place to another, but there are several differences in how they operate and situations where they work best. Floorspace Requirement Horizontal pumps take up anywhere from 2 to 3 times more floorspace than a similar capacity vertical inline pump. Since vertical inline pumps are typically part of the piping system, they can be suspended as part of the overhead pipes and require far less floorspace (if any) as a result. Horizontal pumps also require the fluid to change direction in order to flow i

Overview of Vertical Inline Pump Motors

Last month, Tekwell Services announced the purchase of several GE Ultra Series low voltage vertical pump motors. But what is a vertical pump motor and how is it different than the more common horizontal pump motor? This month’s blog posts explore this topic. What is a Vertical Inline Pump? The most common type of vertical inline pump is a centrifugal pump. These pumps are commonly used to circulate low viscosity fluids (mainly water) for pipe systems that require pressurization. These vertically oriented shafts typically are integrated as part of the piping system, meaning that the intake

What to Look for in an Industrial Pump Repair Shop – Part 1

There are a lot of shops that provide industrial pump repair services. But how do you find a good one for your needs? What are the qualities of an excellent industrial pump repair shop? Provide a Wide Range of Repairs and Services for Industrial Pumps A solid industrial pump repair shop should be able to handle many different repairs and services such as: Replacing old pumps and installing new pumps Replacing parts Performing coupling, seal and base repairs Providing predictive maintenance services such as vibration testing to help identify problems before they become urg