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Different Types of Overhead Cranes–Part 2

Overhead cranes are a fixture in many industrial and manufacturing environments, and typically they are customized to meet the company’s specific needs. Back in October, we started a new blog series about the different types of overhead cranes that Tekwell Services provides inspections and repairs for. If you missed part 1 of this series check out Different Types of Overhead Cranes– Part 1. Jib Cranes These cranes do not have a track or runway like single and double girder bridge cranes. They appear as two girders attached at a 90-degree angle like a straight branch jutting out from a t

Different Types of Overhead Cranes

At Tekwell Services, we see a lot of different types of cranes. We do a lot of overhead crane inspections and repairs, so we are in a perfect position to give you an overview of them. There are many types of overhead cranes and these have been customized in many different ways, so this blog series is going to define the major types of overhead cranes we encounter during our inspections and repairs. Definition of an Overhead Crane First of all, overhead cranes are also known as bridge cranes and although they are most commonly used in industrial manufacturing such as automobile manufacturing,