5 Things to Look for in an Excellent WEG Electric Motor Distributor

There are many different businesses that serve as WEG electric motor distributors, but what do you look for in a high-quality WEG motor distributor? Read this article and find out.

1 – Knowledgeable Staff

WEG offers a variety of drives, electric motors, and other equipment across a broad scope of industries including energy, farming, water and wastewater, steel production and manufacturing, paper, and many more. An excellent WEG distributor has the proper sales literature on-hand and has a general understanding about all WEG products, and how to get more information about them if necessary. They also have knowledge about what equipment works best in specific industries and details about those industries that help them match up the right WEG equipment with the industry-specific tasks for it.

A WEG electric motor sold at Tekwell Services, an electric motor repair shop in Knoxville, TN

2 – Trained Service Technicians

Buying a new WEG electric motor, gearbox, or drive is only half of the process. The equipment needs to be installed, adapted to the new work environment, and then maintained and serviced. An excellent WEG distributor backs its equipment sales with comprehensive predictive and preventive maintenance services for the equipment, and fast-responding repair services when necessary. This requires an experienced and well-trained group of service technicians to support these services.

3 – Dedication to Superior Customer Service

Again, selling equipment is one thing. Anyone can sell a WEG electric motor, but providing fast courteous service, the availability and willingness to answer questions, and a dedication to doing things right the first time all contribute to a positive sales and brand experience. Electric motors and equipment are a lynchpin in the operations for many companies, so it is important to be responsive when problems arise.

4 – Certifications

Most WEG authorized distributors maintain high levels of training and hold many certifications that show dedication to the electric motor trade. Certifications and accreditations such as the SKF Certified Rebuilder certification, EISA accreditation, AEGIS trained installations, and much more.

5 – Large Inventory of WEG Electric Motors On-Hand

An excellent authorized WEG distributor has a healthy inventory of WEG electric motors on-hand that can be pulled from the warehouse and installed at a customer site to respond to a customer’s needs quickly. Carrying a good stock of WEG electric motors ensures that you can get them to your customers fast when they are needed urgently.

Tekwell Services is Your Premier WEG Authorized Distributor in the SE United States

At Tekwell Services, we have the knowledge, the experience–with the certifications and accreditations to back it up–along with a healthy inventory of WEG electric motors and drives available for your electric motor power generation needs. Give us a call at 1-888-984-4668 or fill out our quick solution form to speak to a WEG electric motor specialist today.