7 Often Overlooked Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a New Electric Motor

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a new electric motor. Typically, you look at things such as voltage, speed, torque, and operating costs, but what are some of the lesser-known factors to take into consideration before purchasing a new electric motor?

1 – Power Needed

One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of power needed to run the applications this motor has been selected for. Get a motor that is too small, it gets overworked and the stress this creates decreases the motor lifespan overall. On the flip-side, if you buy a motor that is much too big for the application, it starts and stops frequently. This start/stop process also creates a lot of wear and tear on the electric motor decreases its lifespan.

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2 – Motor Lifespan

How long do you hope the motor will last? Because a new electric motor can be such a large investment, it is important to consider this factor. Knowing what and how the motor will be put to use helps determine which type of motor fits the need best.

3 – Enclosure Rating

This is also critical to the smooth operation and lifespan of an electric motor. The enclosure rating (AKA an Ingress Protection Rating) is an indicator of the type of environment where the electric motor will work. Some electric motors need to be protected against water, or excess dust, others simply need to be protected well enough that someone cannot accidentally insert a finger into the motor while it is in operation. Knowing the enclosure rating you need for your operating environment is essential for prolonging the electric motor’s overall lifespan.

4 – Maintenance

What is the electric motor brand’s reputation for reliability and ease of service and repair? Is it easy to gain access to the key components of the motor to make repairs and perform routine preventive maintenance? Easy accessibility is also very important for extending the life cycle of the motor.

5 – Physical Footprint

How much space does the new electric motor take up in your shop? It is important to know how much space is available at your workplace in order assure that it fits in the space provided with enough room to access the key components of the unit, as well as provide adequate ventilation for the motor.

6 – Noise

Where is this motor being used? In some shops, noise isn’t a big deal, but in some settings such as retail areas, hospitals, and other public spaces, the noise generated by the unit should be minimal.

7 – Altitude

One often-overlooked factor that has a significant impact on the electric motor’s performance is the altitude where it has been installed. Thinner air, such as that at altitudes higher than 5000 feet, changes the performance of the motor and it needs to be adjusted accordingly to get the best performance possible.

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