Benefits of Using Reduced Voltage Soft Starters

Reduced voltage soft starters example

There are two major benefits of using reduced voltage soft starters. They:

  • Reduce mechanical stress on electrical motors
  • Protect the motors from electrical problems such as power surges

What are Reduced Voltage Soft Starters?

In short, it is any device, used with an electrical motor that, instead of flipping a switch and bringing it to full power, it gradually applies voltage, allowing the motor to control the electrical load and torque of that startup. A reduced voltage soft starter extends the life of your equipment and reduces the need for electrical motor repair.

Reducing Mechanical Stress

In a typical sports car, you don’t accelerate from 0 to 60 mph racing that other car at the stoplight without putting the engine under significant stress. The engine revs, the tires squeal, and you have to shift gears quickly to maintain steady power. Then at the end, you need to slam on the brakes at the next intersection to avoid rear-ending the family in the mini-van in front of you. This type of sudden acceleration creates considerable mechanical stress on the engine, drive-train, transmission, tires and brakes. Far more than if you simply slowly accelerated to the posted speed limit and braked gently upon reaching the next traffic light.

Electrical motors are no different, the sudden application of current, jolts the motor and shaft into action creating extra heat and mechanical wear and tear. This wear and tear builds up over time which eventually can lead to failure and expensive electric motor repairs.

In addition, the sudden, jerky start of motors being used by devices such as conveyor belts, escalators and fans can create collateral damage, flinging products and people everywhere. A reduced voltage soft starter is a must for situations where a controlled, smooth acceleration is preferable to a sudden jolt into action.

Preventing Electrical Problems

A hard start, or the sudden application of electricity to a typical electrical motor, dumps 5 to 8 times the motor’s full operating current accelerating it from 0 to full power in the shortest amount of time. This can create power surges that may stress your company’s power distribution system, especially if you have a lot of motors on that system. These can cause unwanted power surges, brownouts which may damage other sensitive electrical equipment such as computers.

A reduced voltage soft starter protects your electrical motors from overloads, preventing the motor from drawing too much current and thus the overheating and damage that this excess current provides.

Reduce the Need for Industrial Electric Motor Repair by Installing a Reduced Voltage Soft Starter

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