Is Your Electric Motor Making Strange Noises? See These Possible Causes

You rely on your electric motor to help keep your industrial plant running at peak efficiency and profitability. When it is not working at its best, it can cause a dramatic reduction in productivity. One of the tell-tale signs of an issue with your electric motor is if you notice strange noises that are not normal when it is running. Three factors are the most likely causes of strange noises from an electric motor. They include:

  • Mechanical noise
  • Windage noise
  • Magnetic noise

If you notice these strange noises coming from your electric motor, it is time to get professional electric motor repair in Knoxville. Our team of professionals at Tekwell Services is here for you when it is time for crucial maintenance to your electrical motors. The following information will shed some further light on the specifics of these common causes of unexplained noise coming from your electric motors.

Electric Motor Repair

Mechanical Noise

Mechanical noise is one of the most common reasons for strange sounds coming from your electric motors. This can result from issues with bearings, a loose stator core, or airborne noise that comes from a structural part of the electric motor.

Windage Noise

Windage noise is the cause of the majority of unexplained sounds that come from electric motors. It is particularly prevalent in high-speed motors such as the two and four-pole variety. The cause of this noise is obstructions located close to the rotating part of the motor.

Magnetic Noise

Mechanical forces within a motor can cause magnetic noise. This is the result of pressure generated by magnetized parts. Some of the common types of magnetic noise in an electric motor include unequal air gap, slip noise, and skewing. Generally speaking, magnetic noise accounts for the second most prevalent cause of unexplained/strange electric motor noises in the two and four-pole varieties. It is often the leading cause for electric motors that have six or greater poles.

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