Industrial electric motors at the forefront of research

Most Exciting Time for Industrial Electric Motors

According to an article found in, “Right now is arguably the most exciting time in the nearly 200-year history of industrial motors.” Here’s why:

  • Tech advancements continue to push the motor’s efficiency limits
  • Research and development is coming up with impressive results, globally, to push the limits even further

Here’s why this is so important: electric motors use about 50% of the electricity consumed around the world each year and their use is “ingrained into many aspects of our everyday lives.” This is even truer for people at companies that use electrical motors every day in the workplace – and so finding efficiencies is paramount. As increasing focus is being put on making motors more energy efficient, to lower energy consumption and carbon monoxide emissions – as well as reducing the cost of motor operations. Three methods are being used to design “super-efficient” electric motors:

  • Use of rare earth mineral (REM) permanent magnets; these strong magnetic fields allow a motor to be significantly smaller while maintaining power density; this technology is not new, but its cost has limited its use
  • Innovative designs that do not rely upon REM, instead using ferrite or ceramic magnets
  • Non-magnet technology that uses switched or synchronous reluctance to obtain high levels of efficiency

Here is some final commentary from that article: “Although the winning technology for tomorrow’s super efficient motor is still up in the air, one thing is certain: these machines are the future. They represent one of the fundamental pillars that humans will rely upon to dramatically reduce our energy requirements.”

We’re There for Your Electric Motor Repair and Testing

No matter what innovations take place in the world of industrial electric motors, Tekwell Services is there to test, repair and refurbish what you need to keep your equipment running efficiently.

Tekwell has the skills and equipment needed to repair, test, and install machinery while ensuring peak efficiency and reliability. While a lot of companies claim to care about quality, Tekwell can stand behind their claims with the SKF Certified Rebuilder status and documented quality procedures.

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Our field service technicians are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge of VFDs, PLCs, vibration testing, thermography, and alignment. Many of our technical staff have been with the company for more than 20 years. Our service technicians are on call 24/7/365.

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