Proper Care and Storage of Rotating Machinery

motor vibration analysis

When you need to place an electric motor with rotating machinery into storage, there are several factors to consider. They need to be protected from the environment, from vibration and outside contamination.

The most important aspect to consider when storing an electric motor with rotating machinery is the location where you plan to store it. Unless you know that the motor will be pressed into service quickly–within a couple of days or weeks at most–the motor should be stored indoors.

Indoor storage is the most effective means of protecting an electric motor from the environment, provided that it is stored properly in a clean, dry place with a fairly consistent temperature that sits within the motor’s standard specifications.

Vibration is the worst enemy of rotating machinery in storage

This location must also be protected from vibration to make sure that the extremely vibration-sensitive bearings from damage. Even low level ambient vibration can damage bearings in stored rotating machinery. The sources of this vibration can be from nearby train tracks, roads, or even equipment and vehicles used in a nearby production area. Electric motors subjected to these types of vibrations may benefit from a motor vibration analysis before putting it back into service.

The motors also need to be protected from outside contamination from vermin such as birds, snakes, rodents, and other creatures that often dwell in drains or ventilation ports. This can usually be done by loosely wrapping the motor and covering these areas.

The exposed surfaces of the motor must also be protected with a rust preventative or even painted when they are expected to be in storage for a long period of time.

These are just some of the basics of caring for and storing your electric motors. Always follow the manufacturer recommendations for storage for best results. Each type of motor and manufacturer will have specifications unique to them.

Need an electric motor repair on a motor kept in storage?

If you have a problem with an electrical motor you are bringing out of storage, feel free to reach out to Tekwell Systems where we can perform a variety of tests and troubleshooting to find out why it is not working up to your specifications This can include anything up to and beyond a motor vibration analysis. If you need something quicker, Tekwell keeps a large inventory of electric motors on hand to meet your needs. Check out our Motor Inventory page out on our website for details.