Save money with efficient electric motor operation

Efficient Electric Motor Operation Saves You Money

Electric motors power much of the modern economy and that’s unlikely to change. In fact, global revenue for motor drives was approximately $11.2 billion in 2011, which was a 15.9 percent increase of 2010’s figures of nearly $9.7 billion. The figure predicted for 2016? $16.3 billion!

Because of this widespread usage, the systems powered by electric motors are the largest single use of electricity, twice as much as lighting. So, it’s only natural that governments of industrial countries are investing in research and development to increase efficiency of motors.

To quote an article in, “As you increase the efficiency of a motor or a drive, you are ultimately saving energy.” Now, flip that around. If the motors in your company are not operating efficiently, you’re wasting energy – and wasted energy = wasted dollars.

To become more efficient and to improve your company’s bottom line, determine which electric motors are using the most energy. Do any of these need replaced? Or could they be refurbished for a second, energy-efficient life?Request to have one of our field technicians take a look to determine what electric motor repair  needs to be done.

Field services that we provide include the following:

  • motor vibration analysis
  • drive, motor and controls trouble-shooting
  • motor alignment/gearbox alignment
  • installation
  • IR thermographic studies
  • power quality studies
  • predictive maintenance (PdM) using ultrasonic testing (bearings friction/lubrication issues, pump cavitation detection, machine parts vibration monitoring, steam trap testing, valve testing, electric arcing, flashover and corona detection)
  • online motor testing (up to 4160Vac)
  • surge and hipot testing

Electric Motor Repair Experts in Tennessee and Georgia

Tekwell has the skills and equipment needed to repair, test, and install machinery while ensuring peak efficiency and reliability. While a lot of companies claim to care about quality, Tekwell can stand behind their claims with the SKF Certified Rebuilder status and documented quality procedures.

We don’t take shortcuts. We get it done right.

Our field service technicians are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge of VFDs, PLCs, vibration testing, thermography, and alignment. Many of our technical staff have been with the company for more than 20 years. Our service technicians are on call 24/7/365.

Contact us today for your electric motor repair / electric motor testing in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and the Cartersville, Georgia area. Or call the Knoxville office at 865.524.3681