Tekwell Services Selected as First Certified SKF Motor Rebuilder to Receive Machine Inspector Training in the U.S.

Several of Tekwell Services’ technicians have recently completed SKF’s Machine Inspector Training. SKF selected Tekwell Services because the company is one of 50 SKF Certified Rebuilder service centers in the U.S., a certification met only by achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality, process, cleanliness and organization within their service center. This certification is maintained through rigorous, periodic audits of Tekwell’s facilities and procedures.

The SKF Machine Inspector Certification training was an intensive three-day, hands-on program that focused on developing excellent troubleshooting and communication skills that takes the whole system into consideration when addressing service issues. The training taught Tekwell’s service technicians about the inspection process, performance monitoring, and root cause analysis by looking at all four of the “boundaries” as a holistic approach to resolving motor issues. These four boundaries are the rotating assembly, lubrication, electrical, and plant process coordination. All with the end goal in mind to use performance correction to extend machine life.

SKF Certified Motor Rebuilder training

Another major component of the training is improving the communication within the service organization by using Asset Information Pages (AIPs) to capture critical information about a specific electric motor. The AIPs correctly identify the motor through schematics or photos of the machine, list problems identified with that machine, as well as specific details of work and tests performed each time on that machine.

The service technician saves a lot of time if they can easily identify the machine, and have awareness of what tests and diagnostic troubleshooting steps have been taken previously—even if they are performed by a different service technician.

As a SKF Certified Rebuilder, Tekwell provides comprehensive risk management to their customers’ production, personnel, assets and work environment. They provide options for machine upgrades, extended warranties, regular inspection programs and other services all designed to extend the life of the customer’s machines.

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