Tekwell Services Invests in New Industrial Electric Motor Service Equipment

Tekwell Services stays on the cutting edge of providing best-in-class service for industrial electric motors and pumps. To this end, we have invested in new testing equipment to better serve our customers. We now offer additional electric motor service options through the purchase of the following equipment:

Roller Bearing Loading Test Device

Tekwell Services, partnered with SKF, has developed a one-of-a-kind apparatus to help test roller bearings properly. Most roller bearings require a load during testing to avoid damaging the bearing when running the motor, but because there are no simple, reliable, and safe devices to accurately measure and display the bearing load, most shops ignore the loading of roller bearings during testing under the misguided belief that the test run doesn’t really damage the bearing. SKF has proven that testing roller bearings without proper loading damages them–especially in high-speed applications.

Equipment for industrial motor service Atlanta, GA

Because of this, Tekwell Services designed and manufactured a load roller bearing testing device (with Patent Pending) to be mounted to a standard T plate to apply a load vertically or horizontally. The load is then applied by a single-threaded rod attached to a load cell with a digital readout. The load cell and display can also be calibrated annually to meet the strict quality control requirements of the SKF Certified Rebuilder program.

“This device is a game-changer,” says Mark McKinney, Vice President at Tekwell Services. “We worked with SKF to bring a test for roller bearings that is safe, easy to use, accurate, and easy to remove and store.”

Dry Ice Cleaning

Some motors are just too large to bring into the Tekwell Services shop for proper cleaning. For these situations, Tekwell now offers dry ice blasting cleaning services.

Dry ice is excellent for cleaning motors because of its versatility. By using dry ice pellets about the size of a grain of rice, loading them into a hopper which is connected to a high-velocity air compressor that then “blasts” the dry ice into every gap and crevasse in the motor. Then the ice simply evaporates away leaving no residue behind. This gentle cleaning method can be used in a number of ways including for switchgear, busbars on cranes, and even the inside of a building.

Pump Testing System

Tekwell has developed a unique way to load test industrial pumps for diagnostic purposes or to load test them after a repair has been completed.

Tekwell has engineered a 6’ by 6’ by 8’ closed-loop water tank to measure the pump’s flow efficiency as well as test it for leaks before returning the pump to the worksite for reinstallation. The ability to test pumps without having to install them back into a production environment to see if they have been completely repaired is game-changing because it saves considerable time and rework.

This tank uses a ball valve to regulate flow pressure over a load curve which is carefully measured within the tank to verify that the pump is working, moving water at the proper rate. This is a unique testing method that is only available at Tekwell Services in the East Tennessee area.

“This new equipment is just one of the ways we continue meeting, and exceeding, our customers’ expectations,” says Jamey Steffner, CEO at Tekwell Services. “We believe that investing in new diagnostic and repair equipment for electric motors, as well as our knowledgeable staff, is the key to our growth and continued success.”

Looking for Industrial Motor Controls for Your Electric Motor?

At Tekwell Services, we continuously reinvest in our business to provide state-of-the-art equipment for our electric motor diagnostic and repair services. Our new panel shop provides us with the tools and materials to put together suitable machine automated controls for your electric motor or industrial pump. Give us a call (toll-free) at 1-888-984-4668 or fill out our quick solution form to reach out to one of our automated control experts today.