What is Ultrasonic Motor Testing?

Motor for ultrasonic motor testing

An ultrasonic motor test uses a lightweight ultrasonic translator to inspect equipment. This often includes a handheld unit with headphones that can scan for ultrasound either by scanning the air in the area of the equipment or require contact with the object.

Why Ultrasonic Motor Testing is Important

This is a low-cost way to monitor the condition of your motors and systems. It is a non-destructive testing technology that detects the ultrasound produced by friction as the result of under or over lubricating bearings, indicate signs of wear and imperfections, and predict possible mechanical issues before they result in damage or failure.

Ultrasonic motor testing can pinpoint the source of leaks–for fluid or gas–in pressure leaks, vacuum leaks, valve leaks and steam trap leaks. They also are useful in detecting problems within electrical emissions such as arching, flash over and corona detection.

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The bottom line, ultrasonic motor testing is the best tool to assure that mechanical issues can be detected and remedied before they become expensive mechanical failures. Learn more by contacting us through our Contact page or giving us a call at 800-829-7454.