What to Look for in a Hoist Overhead Crane Inspection – Part 1

Shops that have hoist overhead cranes depend on them and they typically see heavy use within the shop. But do you get them inspected on a regular basis? What do you look for? Uninspected hoist overhead cranes can be expensive if you put off routine service and maintenance, not to mention unsafe for your workers.

Here are some of the common problems to look for in a hoist overhead crane inspection:


The hooks on overhead cranes get beat up because of daily use. They should be inspected frequently to make sure that the hook does not have an excessive throat opening or is not bent or twisted more than 10 degrees. The hook latch bearings should also be inspected for wear or damage, and examine the hook closely for any cracks that might be present.

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Wire Rope/Chain

These are common points of failure during a hoist overhead crane inspection. Both wire rope and chains can be weakened by routine wear and tear, twisting or inadequate lubrication. Other issues that may be discovered during an inspection that may weaken the wire rope or chain include improper dead ending or deposits of a foreign substance.

Suspension Lug

Inspecting the suspension lug may require the use of a dye penetrant or magnetic particle to detect cracks or excessive wear that may compromise the strength of it. The suspension lug connections should also be inspected for cracks, bending, stripped threads or damaged suspension studs.

Part Inspection

This is a general inspection of all of the pins, bearings, brushings, shafts, gears, couplings and chain guides on the hoist overhead crane for excessive wear, corrosion or cracks. Nuts, bolts and rivets also need a close review to detect any looseness, stripped or damaged threads or corrosion. These are all potential weak points, and even though these parts are small, they can lead to big problems if defects such as these are not noticed and addressed quickly.

This ends Part 1 of our series on What to Look for in a Hoist Overhead Cane Inspection, return again next month for Part 2 where we will tell you what to look for in the operating controls, brakes, sheave, loading block housing and more.

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