3 Benefits of Using an Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit for Electric Motor Service

An ultrasonic cleaning unit has many benefits when used by an electric motor repair shop. Since it works by submerging parts in a tank with cleaning solution, and then bombards them with high frequency sound waves, it easily loosens and removes contaminants from the parts. Here are some other benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaning unit:

Reduces Cleaning Time of Parts

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is faster, more efficient and does a better job with hard to clean parts such as armatures, wound rotors, stators, induction rotors, clutch and brake coils, field frames, or synchronous coils for electric motor repair. Where cleaning jobs with these parts might take hours, the same parts can be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner in minutes.

UItrasonic cleaner for electric motor repair

Improves the Quality of Cleaning that the Parts Receive

Submerging parts in a cleaning solution and using high frequency sound waves does a better job loosening up grime, carbon deposits, and old paint much better than spraying or scrubbing because it bombards the part from many different angles. This is great for removing layers of insulation paint before inspecting motor windings, removing dirt and other contaminants in between wires, and loosening deposits behind commutators, just to name a few.

Consumes Less Power Than Other Cleaning Methods

When comparing ultrasonic cleaning against other methods–such as scrubbers and high-pressure sprayers–an ultrasonic cleaner has far fewer moving parts than these other devices and thus, uses a lot less power than they do. But the biggest contributor to energy savings is the fact that an ultrasonic cleaner takes a lot less time to produce clean parts.

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