3 Benefits of an Overhead Crane Inspection Program

If an overhead crane is critical equipment used within your shop, you should consider investing in an overhead crane inspection program. Here are three benefits to consider:

Reduces Unplanned Downtime

Failing to perform overhead crane inspections leads to unplanned overhead crane repairs. This is the reality of any industrial business where an overhead crane is used frequently. A comprehensive inspection, covering all aspects of the crane including the operating controls, motor and load brakes, hooks, wire ropes and chains, suspension mechanisms, and support structures can greatly reduce the amount of downtime as compared with an overhead crane that is not inspected regularly.

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Saves Money

Unexpected overhead crane repairs cost a lot more money than the replacement or repairs of problem parts discovered as the result of an overhead crane inspection. A comprehensive inspection that involves checking the entire unit, including the load chain, hooks and brake parts for excessive wear and tear make sure that problem areas are identified before they become problematic, unsafe, and more expensive to repair.

Helps the Crane Run Better

Simple maintenance tasks such as making sure that the load chain, bearing shaft and gears have adequate lubrication can assure that your overhead crane runs smoothly safely and without problems for many years. Getting enrolled in an overhead crane inspection program can assure that your crane operates runs at peak efficiency and will extend the overall life of your crane.

Need an Overhead Crane Inspection or Repair?

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