4 Benefits of Dynamic Balancing for Electric Motors

Dynamic balancing services at Tekwell Services

An unbalanced electric motor can cause many problems. The most significant of which being a catastrophic failure due to excess vibration that result in bearing failure, cracks, and other structural defects.  Here are just a few of the benefits of dynamic balancing.

Minimizes Noise

A well-balanced electric motor is a quiet electric motor. Noise is one of the first signs of a problem. Excess noise is the result of vibration and vibration, if left unattended, makes the problem worse. In addition, noise can annoy or cause fatigue in the operator or others at the workplace leading to lost productivity.

Lowers Energy Costs

A well balanced electric motor reduces energy consumption when compared to an unbalanced one, lowering your operating costs and saving you money.

Extends Bearing Life

The bearings in an electric motor are the most affected by unbalance. A well-balanced machine increases bearing life and your electric motor’s life as the result.

Reduces Structural Stress

The vibration that occurs as a result of an unbalanced electric motor has to be absorbed by something, and that something is typically the structure surround it. This can result in excess wear and tear on adjacent parts and perhaps even result in structural cracks if left unaddressed. A well balanced electric motor saves money in the long run by reducing that wear and tear and increasing the operational life of all parts associated with the electric motor.

Have an Electric Motor with a Vibration Problem?

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