Causes of Unbalance in Electric Motors

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Unbalance is one of the major causes of electrical motor failures requiring often expensive repairs or replacement. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to perform dynamic field balancing services at the first sign of trouble.

What are the Causes of Unbalance in Electrical Motors?

In general, they are all caused by an uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation. This uneven distribution can be traced back to several different causes such as a buildup of dirt or grease on fans, normal wear-and-tear of moving parts, or corrosion within the bearings, rotor, or seals of the electric motor.

Other issues that might cause unbalance are maintenance repairs, a part replacement, or the improper installation of a part. In other rare instances a manufacturing defect such as a deformed casing, a bent or defective shaft, or parts that were not assembled correctly at the plant causes unbalance.

Unbalance is one of the most common causes of premature failure in rotating machinery. This is caused from the uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation. If you repair a machine, replaced bearings, or performed other service and still experience noise and vibration, you could be experiencing unbalance. If not corrected, damage to the machine will happen again.

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