4 Benefits of Using a Motor Rewinding Service

When your electric motor is not performing as expected, you often must make a critical decision about it: Rewind it or replace it.

There are some instances where rewinding a motor simply is not a practical solution, but many times using a motor rewinding service is a better, lower cost, option. Here are the benefits of using a motor rewinding service:

Saves money

At less than half the cost of replacing an electrical motor, a motor rewind is an especially cost effective solution when considering large enclosed motors over 100hp.

Saves time

Most motor rewind jobs take less than x # of hours to complete. Far less time than the downtime caused by a motor that fails completely or buying a replacement motor.

Improves electric motor efficiency

If you use a professional motor rewinding service such as Tekwell Services, you can expect to bring back efficiency similar to that when the motor was originally manufactured through the know-how of a Tekwell Motor Rewind Engineer. They can follow the original winding configuration or, in some cases, wind it a different way to improve the motor’s original efficiency.

Saves energy

An electrical motor running inefficiently also wastes a lot of energy. An electrical motor rewind can bring that motor back to peak efficiency, resulting in reduced energy costs. Faulty or inefficient motors also have a negative impact on the environment. Rewinding a motor breathes new life into it, and does not add to wasted motors or the environmental cost of manufacturing a brand-new motor, when the existing motor still works fine.

Use Tekwell’s Motor Rewinding Service to Breathe New Life into Your Electrical Motors

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