5 Things You Need to Know About the Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure

Industrial motors are essential pieces of equipment for today’s professionals who work in maintenance and plant operations. When these electric motors go down, it can cause many issues that lead to a loss in productivity. Here at Tekwell Services, we are the leader in industrial motor service in Knoxville.

Common Electric Motor Failures and Service Knoxville

In this article, our team offers you some insights into the common causes of electric motor failure to assist you in preventing this issue. These are five things you need to know about the common electric motor failure causes.

The Status of the Average Electric Motor in the United States

Electric motors used in industrial settings are crucial to many businesses in the United States. When motors fail, it is often due to bearings, external causes, windings, shafting/coupling, and other unknown causes.

5 of the Most Common Electric Motor Failure Causes

These are the five most common electric motor failure causes. They include:

  • Excessive current flow can lead to electrical overload
  • Low resistance is the most common cause of electric motor failure
  • Overheating leads to 55 percent of insulating failures with electric motors
  • Dust, chemicals, and dirt can lead to electric motor contamination
  • Vibrations are another common cause of issues with electric motors

Some Key Lessons Learned from Electric Motor Failure

One of the most important lessons to learn from electric motor failure is the importance of performing routine checks. The good news is that you do not have to feel like you are alone in these efforts. You can count on the Tekwell Services team to be there for all your service needs.

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