Put Your Electric Motors to the Test with Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis for electric motors is a technique used by engineers to detect the presence of potential problems with an electric motor. This technique can help them detect problems before they lead to complete breakdowns.

Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance Vibrational Analysis

Vibration analysis for electric motors is a powerful tool that can be used to save time and money on repairs. It’s a way of monitoring the condition of your motor on a regular basis, which can lead to timely maintenance and repair when necessary. At Tekwell Services, we are the industry leader in motor vibration analysis in Knoxville. The following is the latest information about electric motors and the process of vibrational analysis.

An Introduction to the Topic of Vibrational Analysis for Electric Motors

When it comes to the basics of vibration analysis of an electric motor, essential factors to focus on include intensity, amplitude, and frequency. These various vibrations can link to different phenomena that occur with the engine. This is how the vibration analysis data can help provide insight into whether the electric motor is currently in a good state of repair.

Vibration analysis of an electric motor is done in order to access the health of the motor. Vibration is typically measured in G’s, or millimeter per second squared, units for use by engineers.

The Basics of Vibration Analysis

Vibrational analysis for electric motors is important as it can help to keep them running smoothly and at their best performance. The purpose of vibrational analysis is to identify and eliminate sources of vibration that could lead to degradation in motor performance, lifespan, and efficiency.

One of the basic uses for this analysis is that when an electric motor is in operation, its bearings are subjected to high levels of friction. This friction will cause heat buildup which in turn causes metal parts to expand and contract. The uneven expansion and contraction displace the metal parts from their original position, causing vibrations at both high and low speeds.

What Can Vibration Analysis Measure?

Vibration measurement is a way to identify and monitor machinery faults. It is used in different industries such as the Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Service industries.

Examples of problems vibration analysis can detect include:

  • Rotating equipment errors
  • Misalignments
  • Loads that are unbalanced
  • Faults in rolling element bearings
  • Resonance conditions

The Best Way to Use Vibration for Your Electric Motors

Vibration is an often-overlooked factor of electric motors. The vibrations can cause a variety of issues such as decreased lifespan and unfavorable output. Using vibrational analysis for electric motors is promising. It can help to reduce the downtime of your equipment and can also extend the equipment’s lifespan. This will lead to lower repair and replacement costs.

Use vibration analysis for electric motors to gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Increase the electric motors’ lifetime of use
  • Keep repair costs low

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