7 Field Services Every Excellent Electric Motor Repair Shop Should Deliver

There are many electric motor repair shops out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? One method you can use to compare them is to look at the “in the field” services that they provide. Here are seven field services every excellent electric motor repair shop should deliver.

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Availability of Service – 24/7/365

Electric motors never seem to break down during normal, 9 to 5, Monday through Friday business hours. They break down at night, on weekends and over holidays. That is the reality of working with electric motors. They can break down at any time. And you need to have a company that is on-call, and ready to respond to your service request whenever it occurs.

Electric Motor Installation & Tear Out

One of the basic tasks of an electric motor repair shop is to tear out the old, non-functional electric motor and replace it with the new one. Sometimes the shop even needs to be able to deliver the electric motor to the site and remove the old one. Occasionally a motor needs to be pulled from the factory for a complete rebuild or rewind at the electric motor repair shop itself. These situations require the service to have access to trucks and cranes with the ability to lift and transport these large electric motors to and from your site.

Electric Motor – Basic Troubleshooting and Repairs

A superior electric motor repair shop has experienced service technicians who are trained in electric motor repair troubleshooting techniques. They know how to examine a situation, look at the data that the motor provides, perform diagnostic testing to help narrow down the issue, and make basic repairs (if applicable).

Electric Motor Preventative Maintenance

Your large industrial electric motors are a huge investment for your company, and critical to your operation as a whole. Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow a preventative maintenance schedule in order to help prevent problems such as damaged or improperly installed parts, excessive vibration, and faulty insulation from becoming a larger issue that may lead to the electric motor breaking down. An excellent electric motor repair company provides a full array of field tests at your location at a time when they won’t impact your operation’s productivity.

On-Site Infrared Thermographic Studies

An infrared thermographic study is one of the best non-destructive tests that an electric motor repair service can provide for your operation. These tests can identify possible problems by pinpointing “hot spots” that may be caused by defects in the connections or components within the motor, overloaded circuits or equipment, insulation issues, and much more. Early discovery of these issues is critical to avoid costly repairs on down the road, allowing the service technician to make adjustments or minor repairs to the motor before it becomes a critical breakdown.

On-Site Motor Vibration Analysis

Another fantastic non-destructive electric motor preventive test is a motor vibration analysis. This is a test that can be done with portable equipment while the motor is still in operation. Excessive vibration often generates a lot of noise and is a clear indication of problems such as unbalanced loads, resonance conditions, and basic faults with rotating equipment such as fans, pumps and gearboxes. Locating and resolving these issues early on can extend the life of your electric motor, as well as prevent unplanned downtime due to a sudden breakdown of the equipment.

Overhead Crane Inspection & Repair

Your overhead crane is an integral part of your business, and since it cannot be taken down and brought into the nearest electric motor repair shop, you need to have a knowledgeable expert come to you to perform a comprehensive overhead crane inspection, and make repairs to the crane if necessary.

These are just a few examples of the field services an excellent electric motor repair shop should provide.

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