7 of the Most Common Parts That Need Repair on Industrial Electric Motors

Industrial electric motors are a huge investment (and expense) for an industrial business. Replacing these motors is rarely a good option for these businesses, so the best way of taking care of them is through replacing parts and preventing problems before they even occur. Here are some of the most common parts that are repaired or replaced on industrial electric motors.

1 – Motor Windings

Motor windings are wires that are shaped into coils that are inserted into the motor stator. Because of the nature of running electrical motors in heavy industrial environments, the windings are often subjected to contamination by dirt and moisture which leads to the breakdown of the wiring insulation which in turn degrades the performance of the electric motor. This is a condition that can be fixed with an electric motor rewind from a reputable motor rewinding shop.

2 – Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are a critical component in any electric motor because excess heat build-up can damage an electric motor quickly. So cooling fans need to be carefully inspected for wear and tear as part of any preventive maintenance program.

3 – Brushings

Brushings are insulated rubber parts that allow electrical conductors to pass through a grounded conducting barrier. These are frequently found in transformers and circuit breakers. Brushings are typically very hearty and not prone to failure very often, but in moist, dirty environments the rubber can break down, causing conduction insulation problems.

4 – Belts

Belts can wear away with heavy use or excess heat. Excessive vibration can cause belts to shift and possibly rub up against another part causing additional wear and tear. Inspecting the belts on an industrial electric motor should be a standard task in any electric motor preventive maintenance program.

5 – Bearings

Bearings are one of the most crucial parts of any electric motor. They support the function of the rotor by keeping the air gap consistent and small in order to properly transfer the load from the shaft to the motor. Checking the bearings, especially inspecting the lubrication of the bearings, is critical to maintaining the smooth operation of the electric motor.

6 – Fuses

Fuses are designed with replaceability in mind. They are safety devices that prevent damage to the motor as the result of too much power being applied to the system. If there is a surge in the electric motor or associated machinery, the circuit blows, preventing additional damage. It is always a good idea to have extra fuses for your electric motor on-hand to avoid a longer stoppage due to a power surge.

7 – Wiring

Because it tends to be a weak link in an electrical circuit, wiring is susceptible to excess heat degrading the insulation causing problems or even failure. Infrared thermographic studies can detect these issues early on before they become critical.

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