5 Reasons Why You Should Bring in an Overhead Crane Inspection Specialist

Overhead cranes are an important part of almost every manufacturing or fabrication shop out there. And problems with them may interfere with the smooth operation of your shop if you don’t address them quickly. Engaging an overhead crane inspection specialist is the best way to deal with these issues before they become serious and expensive to fix.

Crane in need of an overhead crane inspection in Atlanta, GA

1 – Saves You Time and Money

Any time you take on a task that is outside your area of in-depth experience it takes time to remember what needs to be inspected, what the warning signs of problems might be, and locating the various resources necessary to inspect your overhead crane the right way. Your time is better spent on other pursuits such as generating new business opportunities and serving your customers. Outsourcing overhead crane inspection saves you both time and money.

2 – Brings in Another Set of Eyes to Look at Your Overhead Crane

Even if you are an overhead crane operator with a lot of experience, and know a little something about overhead crane repair, it is easy to miss the subtle signs of issues that crop up slowly and incrementally. You get used to that strange noise the crane occasionally makes when lifting a heavy load or miss the signs that the wire rope is getting worn. You just don’t notice things when you are absorbed in the day-to-day routine of your operation. A fresh set of eyes can point out these issues and notice potential problems before they become serious.

3 – Gets an Expert with Considerable Knowledge and Expertise for an Overhead Crane Inspection

Chances are you don’t do many overhead crane inspections, even if you use the crane daily. And even if you do handle them frequently, you don’t have hundreds of inspections under your belt. Bringing in an overhead crane inspection expert provides you with a highly trained individual who performs dozens and dozens of overhead crane inspections every year.

4 – Prevents Unplanned Downtime as the Result of a Broken Overhead Crane

Unplanned downtime is the most expensive problem a shop can encounter. Not only do you need to make a crane repair immediately, but you have your staff standing around waiting for the repair to be completed before they can continue with their jobs. Or in the worst-case scenario, brings production to a grinding halt. Problems such as parts that are on backorder or the ability to locate a qualified overhead crane repair technician can delay this process even more. A periodic visit from an overhead crane inspection expert can identify problems long before they become serious enough to result in a breakdown and work stoppage in your shop. If a serious problem is detected, an overhead crane expert can make sure that replacement parts are ordered and ready to install during your scheduled downtime so it doesn’t interrupt your work.

5 – Brings an Overhead Crane Repair Technician to Your Shop to Address the Problems Discovered

An experienced overhead crane inspector also has the skills necessary to perform important routine maintenance on your crane and make minor repairs on the spot, which again saves you time, money, and prolongs the life of your overhead crane.

Tekwell’s Overhead Crane Inspectors Provide Best-in-Class Service

Our overhead crane inspection experts have decades of experience inspecting and repairing overhead cranes of many designs and brand names. Every crane we inspect goes through a comprehensive multi-point inspection checklist to make sure that all areas of the overhead crane are inspected properly. Give us a call (toll-free) at 1-888-984-4668 or fill out our quick solution form to schedule an overhead crane inspection from one of our experts today.