Behind the scenes: electric motor rebuilding in Georgia

Barlow Walters: 40 Years of Electric Motor Repair Experience

As the vice president and general manager of the Cartersville, Georgia facility, Barlow Walters doesn’t do hands-on industrial motor repair very often himself any more. But, his four decades of experience – a combination of hands-on motor maintenance and repair, along with supervisory know-how – is just what’s needed to provide world class customer service in Georgia.

“My job,” he says, “it to keep the operations on course while moving the facility forward through employee training and support, facility upgrades, equipment purchases and more. All is done towards one common goal: to provide each customer with the best service he can possibly receive.”

Plus, safety is very important to Barlow. In fact, all of his employees are undergoing rigging training that will result in certification – and an even higher level of safety in the plant.

Barlow’s Background: Electric Motor Rebuilding and More

“I started out in a Virginia motor shop that had about 250 employees,” he says. “I worked as a service technician there for about eight years, and we served heavy industry, including coal, plus marine and government customers.” After moving to South Carolina to work at a shop with about 70 employees, he began his supervisory work. There, he was also first introduced to nuclear power generation. The company also serviced motors for paper mills.

Barlow then moved to Georgia where he worked at a small electric motor shop. This company had eight facilities, including in other states – and he worked at them all! Finally, in August 2015, he came to Tekwell Services, bringing with him his decades of industry experience. “At Tekwell,” Barlow says, “we emphasize quality and we emphasize efficiency, going above and beyond. We make sure customers get the excellent service they deserve.”

Cartersville, Georgia Industrial Motor Repair

“Our typical customers are governmental, with an emphasis on utilities, such as waste and wastewater,” he shares. “We also have steel mills and textile facilities as customers, among others. Our 13 technicians do in-house repairs in our full service machine/winding/mechanical shop, and they also do field service work. We’re getting new equipment on an ongoing basis that will help us to service customers even better.”

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