Electric motor repair company invests in quality

Bruce Parkman: “No Lip Service” Approach to Electric Motor Repair Quality

Many companies claim to be the best at what they do. But Tekwell Services, Vice President of Sales Bruce Parkman says, puts their philosophy into practice in concrete ways. “Our facilities are in Tennessee and Georgia,” he says, “but we’ve recruited skilled labor from as far away as the state of Washington, from Massachusetts and from Florida – simply because we want the best.”

Six months ago, Bruce himself left what he describes as the largest manufacturer in the world in a certain industry to come to Tekwell Services because he wants to be part of such a passionate strive toward optimal quality.

“The Steffner family,” he says, “has a history of building successful companies. That’s because they know, intuitively, the importance of acquiring the best people and the best equipment – and then they make it happen. No lip service.”

Bruce has nearly 30 years of sales experience. For Tekwell, he oversees a sales staff of 5.5 employees and about eight independent contractors. He drives an average of 60,000 miles per year to visit clients and potential clients, to attend meetings so that sales and operations communicate well, and more.

Behind the Scenes: Industrial Motor Repair Sales Schedule

Bruce drives about two and a half hours from home on Monday mornings to attend a facility meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee. “We focus on making sure that our customers’ needs are being taken care of, and that clear communication is happening among clients, the sales team and production.” On Tuesday, he does something similar – but in the Cartersville, Georgia facility.

The rest of the week, he focuses on contacting customers, making sales calls and working with vendors to make sure the facilities have the equipment they need. “We provide great service, so 90% of our business comes from repeat customers,” he says. “Our three goals in sales: keeping our customers happy; finding opportunities to expand our business with those customers; and new sales.”

Does Your Company Have Electric Motor Rebuilding Needs?

Contact Tekwell Services online for your electric motor repair – or use this form if you need on- site electric motor rebuilding and/or maintenance. Or, call our Georgia office toll-free at 888- 984-4668. Need to talk to the Knoxville, Tennessee office instead? Call 800-829-7454.