Benefits of Using a Burn Off Oven for Electric Motor Repair

Rebuilding an electric motor can be a difficult, labor intensive process. The first step to rebuild an electric motor is cleaning it thoroughly. You need to remove all dirt, grease, paint, insulation, varnish and epoxy that encases the motor. The copper wire coil must be clean and exposed.

There are several ways to do this. The most common being doing it by hand by scraping, sanding and removing the debris using chemical solvents and strippers. This can damage the parts. Another–less damaging–method, is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. This is less invasive and often does the job quite well, but there is another method to consider: a burn off oven.

How Does a Burn Off Oven Work?

A burn off oven cleans motors and parts through a process known as pyrolysis. Pyrolysis uses a carefully controlled heating of the parts to burn off insulation, paint, and other contaminants while leaving the part itself undamaged.

Burn off oven for electric motor repair in Knoxville, TN

Saves Time

Preparing electric motor components for rewinding by hand is extremely time consuming and need to be completed one at a time, and even when you think you’ve removed all paint, insulation and contaminants, some usually remain.

A burn off oven allows you to prepare these components in a fraction of the time it takes to do this by hand. Plus, you have the ability to prepare many components at the same time within the burn off oven.

Prolongs Part and Motor Life

Because burn off oven can control a burn off so precisely, it can heat up the components high enough so that it burns away the contaminants while still leaving the part undamaged. This prolongs the life of the component and allows it to be used again and again.

Safer than Cleaning Parts by Hand

Using a burn off oven is safer for the part–by reducing damage to it through a manual process–and for your employees who have to use dangerous chemicals and abrasives to strip that part down to get it ready for reconditioning.

Saves Money

Because the time-consuming process of cleaning the components by hand is no longer necessary, you save money by reduced labor costs. Because using the burn off oven is a “set-it and let it go” process, your employees can work on other service tasks while the burn off oven works its magic.

Being able to recondition electric motor parts eliminates the expense that comes with unnecessary part replacement. In addition, a burn off oven eliminates the need for dangerous chemical strippers, so you no longer have the additional expense of disposing of these chemicals in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Get Your Electric Motor Components Ready Using a Burn Off Oven

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