What is an Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit?

An ultrasonic cleaning unit works by submerging objects or parts to be cleaned in a tank with cleaning solution. Then the submerged parts are bombarded with high frequency sound waves which vibrate and create bubbles in the cleaning solution which easily removes contaminants from them.

UItrasonic cleaner for electric motor repair

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is fast, efficient and does a better job with parts such as armatures, wound rotors, stators, induction rotors, clutch and brake coils, field frames, or synchronous coils during electric motor repair.

 UItrasonic cleaner for motor rewinding service

Why Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work Better Than Other Methods?

Ultrasonic cleaning is more energy efficient when compared to other methods which may involve lots of energy-heavy pumps, sprayers and agitators to get the parts clean. Since an ultrasonic cleaner cleans faster than most other cleaning methods, it saves a lot of energy by reducing the cleaning time involved in the process.

UItrasonic cleaner for motor rewinding service inside tank

Ultrasonic cleaning works better because the cleaning fluid bubbles can get into every nook and cranny of a complex part and flush out the contaminants.

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