Best Practices for Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management

Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management example

An industrial electric motor asset management program helps assure that all of your critical electric motors are running at peak efficiency as well as remaining cost effective for your business. How do you set up an industrial asset management program? Read on.

Start a Program

Get buy in from management by showing the benefits of an electric motor asset management program, and appoint someone to be in charge of it.

Inspect and Test Existing Electric Motors

This is one of the most important actions you can take for your industrial electric motor asset management program. Get your motors on a regular inspection and maintenance schedule to assure that they are operating at peak efficiency, and identify any possible problems early, before they become more difficult (and expensive) to repair.

Use non-destructive tests such as electric motor vibration analysis or infrared thermographic studies to detect problems. Making sure that all electric motors receive an electric motor circuit analysis periodically will also help identify possible issues with the stator, rotor, air gap, power quality, circuit and insulation.

Build Up an Inventory of Spare Electric Motors

Purchase or work with an industrial electric motor asset management company to obtain spare electric motors. These motors will allow you to take your primary motors offline for service and routine maintenance without impacting operations.

Maintain Good Air Quality and Flow Near the Motors

One of the largest contributors to motor service issues is poor airflow. Poor airflow means that the motors operate at a higher temperature, which is never a good thing. Ensuring that the electric motor has plenty of air flow will keep the motor temperature stable and the motor running efficiently.

Air quality can be another issue. Humid air or environments subject to extreme temperature shifts creates condensation which can quickly become a problem for electric motors. Dirt can also contaminate the workings of the motor, leading to insulation breakdowns, heat buildup or other problems. Keeping your industrial electric motors in a climate controlled environment–for both your motors in operation and your spares–is important for maintaining them in good operating condition

Let Us Handle Your Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management Needs

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