Electric motor demand fueled by energy efficient options

Energy Efficient Motors Driving the Growth of Electric Motor Demand

Globally, the market for electric motors is estimated to reach $129 billion by 2020, when industrial and automotive vehicles are considered together. Why such a huge demand? People need energy efficient electric motors; although more expensive at purchase, their long term benefits outweigh the initial cost – both in the environmental benefits and the cost savings.

A few years ago, the U.S. Department of Energy estimated that industry could reduce energy used by motors by 11 to 18% if currently-existing cost-effective technologies and best practices were used. To find out how much you could save, the University of Minnesota provides formulas for you to determine your actual annual cost to operate your motor-driven equipment – and then to see what it would cost if you used premium efficiency motors.

In general, energy efficient motors increase the efficiency of machines by approximately 20% which in turn reduces the cost of energy consumed. Interesting tidbit of information: AC motors “accounted for the highest revenue generating motor” in 2014. So, just think about how machines that use these motors can contribute to a company’s bottom line when energy efficient models are chosen and then carefully maintained.

Electric Motor Testing and Repair in Tennessee and Georgia

Tekwell Services offers full service and repair for industrial motors, drives and pumps. From fractional horsepower to medium voltage, Tekwell has the skills and equipment needed to repair, test, and install machinery while ensuring peak efficiency and reliability. While a lot of companies claim to care about quality, Tekwell can stand behind their claims with the SKF Certified Rebuilder status and documented quality procedures.

We don’t take shortcuts. We get it done right.

Our field service technicians are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge of VFDs, PLCs, vibration testing, thermography and alignment. Many of our technical staff have been with the company for more than 20 years. Our service technicians are on call 24/7/365.

Contact us today for your electric motor repair / electric motor testing in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and the Cartersville, Georgia area. Or call the Knoxville office at 865.524.3681 or toll-free at 800.829.7454. Contact the Cartersville office at 770.386.4668 or toll-free at 888.984.4668.

Electric Motor Replacement Services

Although Tekwell is best known for electric motor testing and repair, we also represent major manufacturers of electric motors (and pumps, too) so we can help you find the motors and pumps you need. If we aren’t authorized to sell the exact product you’re looking for, then we’ll do our very best to give you a quote for an exact replacement or to recommend a similar product that we identify as a substitute for your item. Request your replacement electric motor quote here.