Electric motor repairs can increase profitability

Energy Efficiency and Your Electric Motor Repair

Efficiency: focusing on getting the maximum output with the minimal amount of resources possible

We’ve all done it – settled for less than optimal efficiency, that is. Whether it’s at home or at work, we’ve gotten used to sub-par performances of appliances and machinery: “Oh, THAT piece of equipment? It always takes a while to warm up. And then you have to watch it closely . . . when it starts making that funny humming noise, well, just turn it off and then wait a bit before turning it back on . . .”

When this happens with your industrial motor, here’s the problem:

    1. Inefficiencies cost you money.
    2. This means that your business will be less profitable:
      1. Because of increased energy costs
      2. Because of increased labor costs

Time magazine does a great job of providing a tongue-in-cheek description of this  concept:

“This may sound too good to be true, but the U.S. has a renewable-energy resource that is perfectly clean, remarkably cheap, surprisingly abundant and immediately available. It has astounding potential to reduce the carbon emissions that threaten our planet, the dependence on foreign oil that threatens our security and the energy costs that threaten our wallets. Unlike coal and petroleum, it doesn’t pollute; unlike solar and wind, it doesn’t depend on the weather; unlike ethanol, it doesn’t accelerate deforestation or inflate food prices; unlike nuclear plants, it doesn’t raise uncomfortable questions about meltdowns or terrorist attacks or radioactive- waste storage, and it doesn’t take a decade to build. It isn’t what-if like hydrogen, clean coal and tidal power; it’s already proven to be workable, scalable and cost-effective. And we don’t need to import it.

This miracle juice goes by the distinctly boring name of energy efficiency, and it’s often ignored in the hubbub over alternative fuels, the nuclear renaissance, T. Boone Pickens and the green-tech economy. Clearly, it needs an agent. But it’s a simple concept: wasting less energy.”

Electric Motor Testing and Repair in Tennessee and Georgia

Tekwell Services offers full service and repair for industrial motors, drives and pumps. From fractional horsepower to medium voltage, Tekwell has the skills and equipment needed to repair, test, and install machinery while ensuring peak efficiency and reliability. While a lot of companies claim to care about quality, Tekwell can stand behind their claims with the SKF Certified Rebuilder status and documented quality procedures.

We don’t take shortcuts. We get it done right.

Our field service technicians are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge of VFDs, PLCs, vibration testing, thermography and alignment. Many of our technical staff have been with the company for more than 20 years. Our service technicians are on call 24/7/365.

Contact us today for your electric motor repair / electric motor testing in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and the Cartersville, Georgia area. Or call the Knoxville office at 865.524.3681 or toll-free at 800.829.7454. Contact the Cartersville office at 770.386.4668 or toll-free at 888.984.4668.