Electric motor repair: all started with a Scottish monk!


If your business operates in part because of electric motors, then you have a Scottish monk to thank! Andrew Gordon was born to an aristocratic family in Cofforach, Forfarshire in Scotland. He traveled to Regensburg to attend the Benedictine Scottish Seminar, where he completed their five-year general studies program.

With that background, he was able to travel to Austria, France and Italy before entering the monastery, where he studied scholastic philosophy. After entering the priesthood, he completed studies in law and theology at the Benedictine University of Salzburg, and he became a professor of philosophy at the University of Erfurt.

Experiments Leading to the First Electric Motor

Gordon became well known for his writing on electricity, which included these:

  • Phaenomena electricitatis exposita (1744)
  • Philosophia utilis et jucunda (1745)
  • Physicae experimentalis elementa (1751–52)


He went on to invent an efficient frictional machine, plus two other notable inventions: “the first is the light metallic star supported on a sharp pivot with the pointed ends bent at right angles to the rays and commonly called the electrical whirl; the second is the beautiful device known as the electric chimes.”


The whirl is actually the world’s earliest electrostatic reaction motor; the second is the first application of electric convection. In 1752, Benjamin Franking used the chimes in his much-more-famous experiments with electricity.


For more on Gordon, refer to The Sixth Scottish University: The Scots Colleges Abroad, 1575-1799.

Twenty-first Century Electric Motor Repair

When your business relies upon industrial motors, then you don’t have time for – well, for downtime and for wasted time. So, when you need motor maintenance and repair, you want someone who doesn’t take shortcuts, with technicians who get the job doneright, who aren’t satisfied until you are.



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