Embracing operational excellence in electric motor repair

At Tekwell Services we embrace operational excellence and have done so for generations. So, we were interested in reading what benefits the Houston Chronicle has listed for companies that pursue excellence in operations.

In these types of work cultures, managers’ time is freed up to grow the business, because employees are empowered to become problem solvers. Because employees are solving many of the daily challenges that arise, managers can focus on continuing to improve service quality, market the business to new customers and much more. And, because the employees are closest to production and work flow, problems are caught more quickly before they have time to escalate.

Companies that embrace operational excellence also create streamlined processes that are more effective and efficient. They eliminate waste, as well, through their efficient operations, which helps the business’s bottom line.

Attitude Matters! Five Es to Embrace

Operational excellent is crucial, but so is hiring the right people – and “right” means more than just having the necessary technical skills. It also means bringing the right attitudes to work every day. The first important attitude? Enthusiasm. At Tekwell, our team faces electric motor repair challenges with enthusiasm, even passion, finding exactly the right solutions for our customers. In the Career Realism article that shares wisdom on workplace attitudes, the writer says, “To be enthusiastic at work is about a mental state. You need to make the decision to be enthusiastic. Start by saying, ‘I will be an eager participant in this project or task.’”

The second important attitude: to be efficient, with the least amount of waste of time and/or effort – and, the third? Having an attitude of excellence, of wanting to be excellent in all that you do.

You may be surprised by the fourth: early. You may not think of “early” as an attitude, but getting an early start can help create an environment of productivity. The fifth attitude to cultivate is to be easy, or easygoing, at work. In other words, strive for excellence without complaining or criticizing.

Your Kind of Industrial Motor Repair Company?

So, what do you think? Are you interested in working with an industrial motor company that strives to produce excellent results for its customers? In being efficient and lean to serve you better? Are you interested in working with people who are enthusiastic about their work and are easy to work with?

If so, contact Tekwell Services online for your industrial motor repair – or use this form if you need on-site electric motor rebuilding and/or maintenance. Or, call our Tennessee office toll-free at 800-829-7454. Need to talk to the Cartersville, Georgia office instead? Call 888-984-4668.