Motor rewinding shop offers tips to repair/replace motors

Motor Rewinding Service: What Makes Sense?

When a motor burns out, asks Smart Energy User, do you rewind it or replace it? Although this article is 20 years old, it still contains plenty of relevant information. Many times, of course, it makes sense to rewind. If the magnetic core is still in good shape, then a motor rewinding shop can bring it back to its original efficiency. Other times, especially when you have an older motor, the problems can also be seen as an opportunity to upgrade to a newer motor, one that will serve your business better and be more energy efficient. To add to the situation, it’s possible that the older motor had been incorrectly rewound in the past.

Time is also an issue. If the industrial motor powers important areas of your company, then downtime must be kept to a minimum. A motor rewinding service can often take place in less than a day, whereas finding the right replacement motor can be more time consuming.

And, here’s one more key point from the article – that you need to clearly express your needs and expectations when you take your motor to a rewinding shop. What is your ideal timeline? To what level of efficiency should your motor be restored? Be specific about what you need, and make sure you understand what the shop will be doing for you, when.

Meanwhile, Electrical Construction and Maintenance describes the communication process this way: “A knowledgeable service center can rewind energy-efficient motors without a loss of efficiency. However, make sure you discuss specific procedures with them before sending a motor out for rewind. Ask for a repair report, and build guidelines into it to ensure you get the best repair. Winding resistance (corrected to standard ambient) serves as a good quick-check, and core-loss test results confirm no damage resulted from the motor failure or burnout process. Most importantly, insist on documentation.”

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