Stages of an Electric Motor Rewinding Service – Part 1

Last month we reviewed the initial stages of an electric motor rewinding service:

  • Information Gathering Stage
  • In-Depth Inspection Stage
  • Testing and Cleaning Stage

This month goes over the critical final three stages of the electric motor rewinding service process.

Motor Rewind Stage

The damaged windings are removed from the core, the cores are tested for core loss, and then the windings are either refurbished or replaced and then rewound back into the motor using as the original configuration of the winding–or a more efficient winding if one is available for your model of motor.

Motor at a motor rewinding shop Atlanta, GA

Testing Stage

Once the winding is in place, and everything is reconnected, the electric motor service technician completes a series of tests, including surge and hipot testing. Once all of the tests have been completed, the motor is ready for the final stage, reassembly.

Reassembly Stage

This stage is sometimes overlooked or seen not as critical as the other stages in the motor rewinding service process, but if the motor is rebuilt wrong, it won’t be as efficient, so keep the following things in mind while reassembling the motor:

  • Make sure that the bearings are greased, but not over greased because that can impact motor performance.
  • Mount the fan properly. Failure to do this may lead to inadequate cooling which causes to motor to overheat.
  • Be careful when handling the motor. Bumping, dropping or exposing the motor to excess vibration may cause stator or rotor damage.
  • Verify that the ventilation openings on the motor are unobstructed when the motor is being painted.

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