Tekwell Services Adds Vertical Pump Motors to Their Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management Program

Tekwell Services is proud to announce that they have added General Electric’s new low voltage vertical pump motors–the Ultra Series–to their inventory as part of Tekwell’s industrial electric motor asset management program.

The Ultra Series of vertical pump motors have made numerous improvements to increase operational efficiency and reliability, to increase thrust capability, as well as implements a new advanced and patented cooling system which results in a 30 degrees Celsius reduction in bearing temperature which leads to an extended bearing life.

GE Ultra Vertical Motor for the industrial electric motor asset management program

These vertical pump motors satisfy all of the industries efficiency standards known as the NEMA Premium Efficiency levels. GE’s Ultra series low voltage vertical pump motors also feature superior construction and engineering which means a longer pump motor life, less of a need for replacement parts on hand, and less unplanned downtime as a result.

“We saw this as a solid investment for our customers,“ said Neil Koepke, Sales Leader at Tekwell Services. “We are one of the only motor distributors in the Southeast U.S. that stocks vertical pump motors.”

Tekwell Services has added these vertical pump motors to reduce the long lead time for clients needing a vertical pump motor quickly when a typical lead time is at least 4-weeks, but can be up to 12 to 16 weeks depending on the application. Tekwell has invested in these motors as part of the industrial electric motor asset management program in order to provide our customers with a new motor, complete with a 3-year warranty, but without the excessive lead time and shipping time and cost.

Need a Vertical Pump Motor? Tekwell Services Has Them!

If you are looking for one of the GE Ultra Series low voltage vertical pump motors, look no further than Tekwell Services. These vertical pump motors are part of our industrial electric motor asset management program and are ready to meet you needs. Give us a call at 1-800-829-7454 or complete our simple online form out on our Contact page to get more details.